Italian Championship preview

The coming weekend, Italian Championship will be take part in Montoggio for a strange 2 days event.
Jack Challoner will try to keep his first position in the overall, same as Sara Trentini. 
In the blu line, Tr2, Davide Zaccagnini is searching for his first podium of the year and his friend Gabriele Giarba to reach the Top 5. 
Leonardo Valenti in the same class want to go in the Top Ten after a not perfect start of the season.
In the Tr3 is Michele Bosi that need a win for don't make the actual first position to go too much ahead.
Unfortunately Giacomo Gasco will not start for the problem on his shoulder.
Luca Corvi in the 125cc class has training hard and is ready to increase his level.

So, let's wait now for Saturday, when the first day will be happend.

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