Challoner not Allowed to ride in Chiuduno!

Challoner not Allowed to ride in Chiuduno ! "I am quite disgusted at the fact that I wasn't allowed by the italian federation to ride in Chudino on Sunday (round 5 of Italian championship) simply because I arrived half an hour after the signing on had closed, the Trial started at 2 o'clock in the afternoon and I was in the paddock at half 10 in the morning not knowing that inscription closed at 10. So 3 and a half hours before the trial started they told me that I can't ride just because of a misunderstanding of times and events . I was leading the championship (international class) by 5 points before this round, after battling through the last 2 rounds with a sprained ankle! now I am 15 points behind with 4 rounds to go.  Even after ALL the riders in my class said its no problem if I ride and also though it was stupidity they still wouldn't allow it! I just wanted to explain why I'm not in the results from this round and express how gutted I am! I think it's a disgrace."

photo by Claudia

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